Our Best Services!

Imperial Blasting offers various blasting and coating processes, these are some of our frequently used services:

Fine abrasive blasting is completed using a fine crushed glass removing all rust, paint, body filler, seam sealer, sound deadener, grease and other contaminants leaving a dull profile consistent with 1200 grit sand paper. The fine crushed glass we use will not create any panel distortion, warping of panels or work hardening of the steel making it the most suitable media for automotive blasting on steel, alloy, plastic and fibreglass.

In short media is rated on the MOHs scale of hardness 1 being the strength of talcum powder and 10 being diamond, sheet steel on a car is approximately 6, glass is 6.5 therefore just strong enough to be abrasive which is required to remove rust but not as hard as garnet a common industrial media which is an 8 in strength and 3 times as dense as glass therefore hitting with a larger impact and cutting 3 times as deep. Soda is approximately a 3 in strength and therefore not hard enough to remove rust. Imperial Blasting has invested significant time into researching suitable medias and cannot find a more suitable all round media then crushed glass.

After blasting is completed all steel items are coated in Henkel Paintgrip 253 now known as Bonderite M-ZN 253 a clear protective coating that allows you to see the clean rust and contaminant free base you are working with. This coating offers many advantages such as approximately 5 years rust free storage in an indoor environment such as a garage, as well as being 100% compatible with paint and powdering system the coating does not require removal prior to painting or repair work.

Imperial Blasting has the ability to utilize plastic media for non-abrasive blasting of extremely delicate base materials without leaving any profiling on the base material such as paint over polished surfaces and alloy skinned panels.

Additionally Imperial Blasting does stock a range of specialized chemicals for chemical stripping of paints and powder coats on a range of delicate base materials including alloy. These chemicals will not adversely affect the base material and do not leave any residue

These options are not recommended for steel surfaces as they will not remove any rust.